Worried About Your Child’s Education? Nini’s Tutor Academy is The Answer



Aren’t you a concerned parent who wants to see their children successful? Don’t you want to know that your child is supported, and academically challenged? You place a lot of faith in an educational system that claims to give your children everything they need to know to succeed but are they fulfilling what they are claiming?



Concerns about life after school and beyond are prevalent among parents, even when the kids are very young. If schooling is difficult for a child, you may question if he or she will be successful in college or university? You may be concerned that your child will not be able to find and hold a job.


Although the above-mentioned concern is too early there is no denying it is a valid worry. Giving your child privileged education is considered a basic necessity over which a lot of parents do not compromise. Sending the children to high-valued schools is a norm these days; although it should be enough for the academics of the child most of the time they need individual attention which unfortunately is not available to them in the majority of schools.




Some parents are unaware of the serious consequences of overworked teachers and large numbers of students in schools. As the number of pupils in a class goes beyond 20, even the finest teachers’ capacity to control their courses is progressively disturbed by disruptive and challenging students. These kids make it more difficult for a teacher to hold the attention of the class or to be more innovative in their teaching methods. The amount of time your child misses out on learning might be enormous.



Nini’s Tutor academy is actively providing qualified home tutors in Islamabad. Teachers having a proven track record of their academics and services are being provided to a number of satisfied students. These tutors are not only teaching textbook material but also provide practice papers and worksheets to assess the understanding level of the child. Whether your child is a primary level student or enrolled in professional studies; Nini’s tutor has a solution for you.


Let’s do the analysis of what a home tutor is offering; If every time a teacher enters the class and it takes 5 minutes to settle the class down and various disturbances take another 5 minutes, pupils have lost around 25% of their learning time. When this occurs several times a day on a daily basis, a child loses the equivalent of 1 academic year every 3 to 4 years. A home tutor not only rectifies this loss but makes up for it and makes sure that the child is not disheartened by the wastage caused by other students at school.


Our teachers are here for hire to share your worry.

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