If we look back a decade, education doesn’t seem as challenging as it is now. School bags were not that fat that the scientists and psychologists have to point out the anxiety and sleeplessness has been increasing in the school-going children. Today, modernization has made it mandatory that we educate our children more extensively. To give quality education, we must have quality schools and an education system on par with the current and future demands. Karachi is the center of activity in more than one sense. It is a port city, a business center, and on top of that, a sprawling metropolis that has pushed its boundaries further than where it was ten years ago. A large population needs good schools, following are some of the best schools in Karachi.

List Of Best School In Karachi


  1. Habib Public School/Habib Girls School
  2. Karachi Grammar School
  3. Mama Parsi
  4. The City School
  5. Froebel Education Centre
  6. Beacon house
  7. St Patrick
  8. St Joseph Convent School
  9. Happy palace group of schools
  10. Lyceum
  11. Haque Academy
  12. Bai Virbaiji Soparivala (BVS)
  13. The international school
  14. CAS
  15. BVS Parsi
  16. British overseas School
  17. White house grammar school
  18. Convent of Jesus and Mary
  19. Karachi American school
  20. Karachi public school
  21. St Patrick’s High School Karachi

Habib Public School/Habib Girls School

Established in 1959, Habib public school is one of the famous schools in Karachi. In 1964, HGS took its place in the portfolio. The school comprises junior, middle, senior, and college sections. HPS follows the Cambridge system from class 1 to O Level. Aga Khan board can opt from class 8 onwards. For the benefit of students, a lot of co-curricular activities take place throughout the session.

Karachi Grammar School

The history of KGS dates back to the 1840s, making it one of the oldest and prestigious schools in Karachi city. It comprises Kindergarten, junior, middle, and college sections established in separate locations.

Mama Parsi

It intended to educate 250 Zoroastrian girls at the time of its foundation. Mama Parsi educates nearly 1700 girls on its premises. It offers the Matric system and the Cambridge system of education.

The City School

The City School is one of the well-known schools having the largest network of branches throughout Pakistan. It offers education from early years to A-Level. It currently has more than 130 branches all over the country and around 500 units under the banner of The Smart School. The TCS follows the UK curriculum and can be considered one of the best schools in Karachi.

Froebel Education Centre

Established as Mariam’s nursery in 1994, Froebel education center has steadily upgraded its reputation as a top-level school in Karachi. In 2001, the students of FEC attempted CAIE examinations for the 1st time. There are separate premises for its primary, junior, and senior sections.

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Beacon house

Established in 1975 as a Montessori with 19 kids, Beaconhouse now has a population of around 300,000 students. Over 100,000 students are directly enrolled in BSS, while approximately 200,000 students study in The Educators (BSS project). A couple of thousand students are also learning on BSS international campuses. With its nationwide campuses throughout Pakistan, Beaconhouse is among the well-established O-level school in Pakistan. BSS offers the Matric system, O Level, A-Level, and IB programs.

St Patrick

Established in 1861 and registered as a high school in 1867, St Patrick offers educational programs from Kindergarten to the Matric system and A-Level.

St Joseph Convent School

Founded in early 1862, St Joseph started with ten students. It is a girls-only private school offering Karachi board education under the supervision of Catholic and Board of secondary education Karachi.

Happy palace group of schools

Established in the early 1980s, HPGS has a rich history spread over four decades. The programs offered are Matric system, O level, A level, and intermediate. Several co-curricular activities are practiced throughout the session to encourage healthy competition among the students.


Being the Round Square school (RS), Lyceum is committed to internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership, and service. Lyceum follows The Cambridge system. All of the teaching staff is qualified from reputable institutes in Pakistan and Europe. The use of Fablab for the practical demonstration of scientific concepts is a unique feature.

Haque Academy

Founded in 1977, Haque academy now has 24 years of O Level teaching experience. A 1:10 teacher-student ratio is excellent for the benefit of students. Haque academy offers Kindergarten, primary, middle school, and O-level programs for its students.

Bai Virbaiji Soparivala (BVS)

Another of the oldest school in Karachi, BVS, follows AKUEB for its matric system and the Cambridge system for its students. The scout program of the school is very active, which can be joined by grade 3 and above students.

The international school

The International School follows the UK curriculum and has added Pakistan studies, Urdu, and Islamic studies on the Pakistan Ministry of Education directive. The school offers both O Level and A Level programs.


CAS offers programs from Kindergarten to O Level. A multitude of co-curricular activities along with the regular classes is a distinctive feature of CAS.


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