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Online tutors by Ninis Tutor Academy

Ninis Tutor academy provides Online tutors for primary, secondary, and higher secondary classes (KG – X11) for all the educational boards. We are also specialized in providing teachers for O Level (9th-11th) and A-Level grades. Our teachers are experts and qualified to teach university-level students as well. Ninis Tutors Academy also provides teaching services for the students who are going to appear in aptitude tests for Medical, Engineering, and business colleges. Our proficiency in the field is proved by the presence of Ninis Tutor Academy in nearly all the major cities of Pakistan. Our head office is located in Karachi and sub-offices are also established in Lahore and Islamabad.

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Online Tutor

Pandemic has forced you to not send your children to school and tuition centers? You are not comfortable with having a home tutor in your house for fear of your kids contracting the virus? You need not worry about it anymore. Ninis Tutors Academy offers online tutors in Pakistan.

Our system of education, unfortunately, has been commercialized to an extent where an exorbitant amount of fees is being charged even for primary classes. It is no more sensible to rely on education from school alone. Tutoring services have gain importance and popularity now. Pandemic has shown the benefit of online tutoring. At a time when schools were shut and traveling restricted, education suffered terribly. To overcome the disadvantage of institutes closure, online tutoring is the best alternative.

Online Female Tutors

Ninis Tutor Academy provides female Online tutors who are dedicated to the teaching profession and have proven proficiency in teaching all levels of school and college education. We guarantee 100% satisfaction of parents as our female tutors are capable to provide a high level of teaching service.


Our online tutors not only teach but also strive to induce the quality of self-study and learning capability so that the child doesn’t rely only on the teacher. Academy’s teachers make sure the student is also being prepared for the next level. Our teachers are strict and understanding at the same time. They make it easy for the student to be able to ask questions when needed and not to hesitate. The best thing about our online teachers is the commitment to which they teach the students.

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How to hire an online tutor?

Parents can conveniently hire teachers from Ninis Tutor Academy by either contacting the office numbers or by going through our online database of teachers available on www.tygiotutors.com. The database consists of pre-recorded demo videos of teachers, parents can go through them and choose the tutor they think might be the best fit for their child’s needs. Our online tutors have the proper setup for a smooth virtual teaching experience.


Online tutor is available any time of day. Classes can be arranged keeping in view the ease of both tutor and student. Students must have sufficient attention from the teacher which is not possible in school due to large strength and limited time per class. Getting an online tutor is convenient for everyone as the parents can assess the study process through recording or staying out of the camera view. An online class can be taken from any place in the house without needing the full room for tutors and students.


Instead of traveling from tuition to tuition or an institute, an online teacher saves time by offering classes from his home. Commuting consumes time and energy which is saved through online tutoring. Combine classes for several students of the same level can be conducted at the same which further saves time. This saved time can be allocated for extended teaching.


Online tutoring is productive in the sense of saving energy that was to be consumed while traveling. This gives more time to the tutor to prepare resources for the student. An online math tutor can prepare worksheets in this time which can be assigned to the student after or during the class. Similarly, it is also possible to arrange the online extra class for a short duration to clear any difficulty in an emergency.

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Online math tutor

Math is the subject which is considered to be the toughest by many students. Fear of mathematics is as real as the sun setting in the west. Theory subjects are thought to be handled by the student through self-study but Math needs proper guidance, explanation, and practice. An online math tutor is a valuable source for remote study. Nini’s tutor academy is actively providing online tutors in Pakistan.

Flexible timing

Online tuitions have the flexibility of arranging tuition at variable timing. It is good to have a fixed schedule for the classes but in case of any emergency such as power breakdown or connectivity issues, the class can be rearranged for a later time of the day. This flexibility is seldom available to a home tutor who may not be able to reschedule the class due to travel constraints. Traffic is an important issue that makes it difficult for timely appearances, this can be get rid of by hiring an online tutor in Pakistan.

Expert tutors from any corner of the country/world

Another benefit of an online tutor is the availability of a teacher from any corner of the world (keeping in mind the time difference between countries). Similarly, foreign qualified teachers can be hired for online tutoring. This is beneficial for people who want their kids to study from highly qualified teachers. This system breaks the boundary limitations of getting the best help possible for the student.

Qualified online tutor in Pakistan

Nini’s Tutors have a large data bank of qualified online tutors in Pakistan who are capable of teaching any of the education systems being followed in the country. These teachers are qualified enough to teach foreign-based students as well.

The session can be recorded for later review

One of the best advantages of online classes is the facility to record the lecture which can be reviewed at a later time for revision. It could be used virtually unlimited times instead of asking the same thing again and again from the teacher. Parents can also assess the standard of tuition service through the recording.

More options

It is convenient to choose an online tutor from an already existing database. You do not have to arrange a time and place for the demo class, which could be troublesome if there are several teachers to choose from. In the case of an online tutor, you simply have to see the recorded demonstration of the tutor at any time of your choice and place. There is no hassle of physical arrangement for a trial class and then after confirmation, for continuing of regular class.


Online tutor in Pakistan service is picking pace.

Closure of schools and coaching centers have given rise to the demand of online tutor in Pakistan. Since the schools have started conduction online classes, parents are now aware that the online tutor service is useful and can be easily implemented through various applications.


Teaching online doesn’t diminish the ability of a tutor to sense the lack of interest and engagement by the student. A tutor can keep a closer eye on the student responses because he/she is directly looking at them when they are teaching them online. Online tutor in Pakistan is a relatively new concept but engagement is necessary as it opens the door to universal education from the comfort of one’s home.


Kids nowadays are very familiar with the use of gadgets. Studying through laptops, computers or tablets automatically gives them focus because they are eager to use the device. This already existing interest makes them put the effort into studying as well. The use of technology also gives freedom to share a presentation or a video on a related topic. The introduction of different ways of interaction online makes the student aware of new applications and programs which can be later used for increasing one’s productivity.

Online resource utilization

Unlimited resources are available online. When a student is taking an online class he/she will be inclined to conduct their search for the practice material. An online tutor is indirectly also a source of motivating students for self-study. Additionally, the focus of the tutor and student is solely on explanation and understanding.

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