Which is better in Pakistan, O level or Matric

It might not be a million-dollar question but it is the foremost choice from the elite class to middle class to choose O level in Pakistan over the matric system. A number of factors are responsible for shaping the mindset of parents who are going for the enrollment of their children in school. Following might be some of the differentiating factors helpful for parents in search of the answer for the question which is better in Pakistan, O level or Matric system.

Global Recognition

Global recognition of an O-level qualification sets it apart from a matric qualified student who has to go through a number of difficulties and additional tests in order to pursue higher studies abroad as a matriculation certificate is not a widely recognized qualification.


Doing O level in Pakistan? A truckload of money is required for O-level schooling and coaching. Although Matric system is also not cheap nowadays but comparatively it is a less burden on finances.

Conceptual learning

When it is a matter of conceptual learning; O level is a clear winner. The Matriculation system is totally based on learning ability without focusing on understanding what is being learned at all. It is at the college level that a matric student sees his inability to understand concepts and not to rely on his learning ability. This lack of grasping the concept of what is being lectured shows a wide gap in the mark scoring of a matriculation student and a college student.

English Medium

This is the most important aspect of deciding which is better in Pakistan, O level or matric – English; as English is what they will be listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the majority of the places. There is a stark difference in Matric educated children and O-level qualified students. The education acquired through the O level is a unanimous winner.

Update in syllabus

The curriculum is vastly different in both cases. O level syllabus gets updated very frequently while Matric system hardly gets any update over a decade long period.

Scoring system

The grading scheme is another point of conflict. The Matric system tends to assess how much a candidate has written rather than what has been written and how much of it actually relates to the question being asked while O level marking scheme is entirely based on what and how has the student responded to the question.

Choice of subjects

O level offers a very wide variety of subjects to be chosen in a flexible combination. A child studying commerce subjects can also choose a science subject for an extra grade. The choice is rigid in the matric system; you may either select a computer science, medical science, or a commerce group and that will be the end of it. No exploration between the groups is possible to assess the interest level for higher education.


Since Pakistan is en route to progress towards a better and brighter future, the education of our children is of utmost importance in the minds of our parents, and their desire to choose the best for the children is understandable.


Above mentioned differences are the very basic points which are to be considered when it is time to choose what your child is going to do in secondary education. Being a 3rd world country, it is important for Pakistan to choose wisely. It is not just what you want best for your child; it is also what your child will be doing in the future to benefit the country. Not everyone in Pakistan will be letting their child relocate to a foreign country. The mode of education should be what enables them to stay in Pakistan and be proud of what they are doing with it.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of which is better, O level or Matric system, is that choosing O level in Pakistan looks far superior in the majority of aspects when it is compared to the Matriculation system.

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