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Boarding School In Karachi

Sending kids away to a boarding school is such an alien concept for Karachi that one hardly finds any boarding school in Karachi city. The mindset is that only those who want to get in armed forces are supposed to go to boarding schools. This is absolutely incorrect as it is not the only application of this system of education.

boarding school in Karachi

For many parents, the idea of sending their child to a boarding school is horrifying. Every parent (especially a mother) feels anxious and grieves sending the kid away for a semester. This pain of separation can be overcome by the fact that the kid will be benefited in the longer run. Boarding school provides an environment where students are kept engaged, active, and interested along with the delivery of quality education. These features are difficult to achieve when a child is going to a regular school where there are a number of distractions on a daily basis. At boarding schools, the majority of these interruptions are nullified and the child has complete focus on what is actually important for him.

As mentioned earlier, boarding schools in Karachi city are almost a non-existent concept, therefore the choices are limited.

The Hub School

Located on 248 acres of land donated by the Jaffer family, this sprawling all-boys boarding school is located in the suburbs of Karachi near Hamdard University, Hub Dam road. It follows the Cambridge scheme of studies.


UAN: (021) 111-252-575

Telephone: +92-213-455-6084, 86, 88


KN Academy

Located near Malir Cantt Check post 3, Karachi, it covers an area of about 25 acres. KN academy is both a regular school and a sort of boarding school in Karachi having a hostel facility for boys. It follows the UK curriculum for lower level and O/A Level for secondary and higher secondary classes.


Telephone: +92-300-0773409, +92-300-0773426



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