Scope of Sociology

Sociology is the study of human societies, past, present, and future. It also looks into social groups, social organizations, and social processes.

Sociology as a discipline can be traced back to 16th-century Scotland and Mark Robert Forster. It was in 1798 when Henry Thomas Buckle published the ‘History of Civilization’ in England that Karl Marx met him for the first time. The works of Guyau and Tarde had a great impact on the early development of sociology in France. It was in the 19th century many other people were working in this field like Comte, Durkheim, and Max Weber who are considered responsible for the foundations of modern sociology.

Sociology is an academic discipline that revolves around the systematic study of society and human social actions. Sociological research methods are largely based on empirical investigation, which involves data collection and analysis for purposes of understanding and explaining social phenomena. Such collection and analysis are often accomplished through survey research, which is a method used to collect primary data by questioning a group of people. Also, secondary data is collected from various sources such as government records, archives, newspapers, etc. Ninis tutor academy is actively providing online and home tutors for all educational boards in Pakistan.

The scope of sociology in Pakistan

The scope of sociology in Pakistan is limited because it is not a compulsory subject. The reason behind this is that our education system is controlled by the government and they have their agenda to promote.

The government wants to promote business studies, engineering, medical, and other technical subjects. They do not want students to be aware of society and its problems. This has resulted in a lack of sociologists who can deal with social issues in our country.

Very few colleges offer sociology as a subject

There are two reasons for this. First, sociology is a theoretical subject, and second, it is not considered an important subject in our society.

Sociology is a complex subject and requires meticulous analysis of data. It requires the researcher to be objective and neutral while analyzing the data collected from surveys, experiments, or fieldwork. On the other hand, our society is full of prejudices and biases that cannot be ignored while studying sociology.

Role of a sociologist

The scope of sociology is vast because Sociologists can play an important role in providing information to policymakers about rural, urban, educational and religious conditions of society.

Social Development

Sociologists play an essential role in the development of social programs and policies. They are responsible for determining the needs of different groups and communities, as well as identifying ways to meet those needs. Sociologists may also research social issues such as poverty, crime, addiction, and abuse.

Social Services

Sociologists play an important role in the field of social services because they have extensive knowledge about how people behave and interact with each other. A sociology degree can help you gain skills needed to help people who are disabled or elderly or those who are dealing with mental health issues or substance abuse problems.

Health Care

Sociologists are often employed by government agencies that provide health care services to citizens. For example, if your council is concerned about the number of children who do not have access to medical coverage then they might hire a sociologist to research the problem and determine how best to address it within their community. In addition, some hospitals employ sociologists who specialize in areas such as addiction treatment or mental health services.

Social Services

A social worker helps clients deal with personal difficulties such as unemployment, family problems, or mental illness. Social workers also work in hospitals and schools to assist children who have been abused or neglected. Social workers often work under the supervision of a psychologist or psychiatrist who diagnoses patients’ needs and prescribes appropriate treatment plans for them.

Marketing Research Analyst

A sociologist can act as an analyst who analyzes data for marketing research purposes to help companies determine what products consumers want to buy and how much they’re willing to pay for them. Analysts usually conduct surveys on behalf of companies that produce consumer goods such as food products or clothing items so that they can gauge public interest in purchasing these items.


Sociology is an essential subject for those who want to help in improving the thinking power of people. Sociology helps in fighting against injustice, discrimination, and all other types of injustice by helping individuals, groups, populations, and society as a whole.

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