D pharmacy scope in Pakistan

The relevance of the D pharm scope in Pakistan is continuously increasing because public health concerns are increasing day by day. As the world is now nearly a quarter of the way into the 21st century, D pharmacy plays a pivotal role in providing healthcare related to medicines and their usage for diagnosis and treatment. This is because there is an ever-growing need for trained pharmacists in the country who can act efficiently to provide medicines at the right time and place. In Pakistan, all the medical universities are offering D pharmacy.

The D Pharmacy scope in Pakistan is bright enough for the students to be able to get licensed and get employed in various hospitals and retail pharmacies, or any other reputed federal organization affiliated with the ministry of health & pharmacist council of Pakistan (PCP). Nini’s tutor academy provides medical tutors for medical students of various educational boards in Pakistan.

Responsibilities of a Pharmacist

Drugs and medicines, including ointments, powder, pills, tablets, and injections, are organized, mixed, compounded, or given out by pharmacists. They develop, oversee, and assess drug programs or practices, Examine prescriptions to ensure accuracy, identify necessary ingredients, and assess their precision. They help doctors by providing information about drug interactions, reactions, side effects, and safety measures related to medication use. To ensure the safe and effective administration of medication, track the health and progress of patients. Make specific drugs to treat uncommon instances.

New drug development, innovative techniques, clinical evaluation of the effects of such drugs on humans and animals, and acquiring the necessary license from the drug control authorities are the main concerns of researchers.

D Pharmacy and medicine manufacturing.

D Pharmacist is a person who has completed his/her professional training and education from any recognized institution. He/she is eligible to work in hospitals, medical stores, clinics, etc. They are responsible for the distribution of drugs to patients and also prescribe them according to their prescriptions. Only a registered pharmacist can manufacture and dispense medicine in Pakistan.

The study of D-pharmacy also provides you with a basic knowledge of human physiology, anatomy, chemistry, and biology.

D-pharmacy is a 4-year course that is offered by many educational institutes in Pakistan. The curriculum of the course includes several aspects such as pharmacology, pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, etc.

D Pharmacy scope in Pakistan

After the completion of their postgraduate studies, a pharmacist can open his pharmacy or make his career in the industry.

What is the scope of pharmacy in Pakistan?

The D pharmacy course aims to provide facilities for those who want to complete their education with a specialization in D pharma. The course will help them in getting employment opportunities in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, drug stores, and other industries related to the healthcare sector.

Employing Sectors

Some of the major sectors that offer employment to pharmacists are:

  1. Pharmaceutical industry
  2. Retail Pharmacies
  3. Hospitals
  4. NGOs
  5. Consumer products manufacturers
  6. Drug regulation
  7. Clinics


To meet the demand for healthcare facilities and promote pharmaceutical, clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic activities all over the country, Pakistan had established over fifty pharmacy colleges all over Pakistan by 2017. The graduates who are completing these five years degree courses are badly needed in this country. Every year there is a need for 15000–20000 pharmacists all over the country, which reflects how important this profession is to the community. It is an ever-growing industry, as there is a never-ending demand for Pharmacists out there. If a person wants to work independently then this profession would be an ideal choice for him.

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