My Best Teacher Essay

A teacher is accountable for the development of the students. Teachers are crucial in laying a solid foundation of fundamental knowledge, not just for academic subjects but also for life. When we need to make critical decisions or complete other vital tasks in life, most of what we learn in school comes in handy. It can be a huge benefit to you as you progress through your academic years if you have a particular teacher with whom you feel at ease. Even outside of the classroom, a good teacher can serve as your mentor, guiding you through every aspect of life.

I attend a reputable private school and am currently a 10th grader. Although my school has many excellent teachers, everyone has a particular one for whom they are grateful. Similarly, Mr. Arshad Saleemullah is the best teacher. Arshad Sir, our math teacher, has a very appealing personality. All the students adore him because he is so kind and humble. He is also the person who parents and teachers trust the most because he consistently works to foster an environment where students can work hard in their academics while also having fun.

Qualities of my best teacher

Arshad Sir is a tall, attractive man. He is around 32 years old and has a wealth of knowledge. His methods of instruction are excellent. All the students love him for his superb way of teaching and humble behavior. He has nine years of teaching experience and a master’s degree in mathematics. He has no trouble resolving challenging mathematical equations. He has a distinctive way of describing how to approach problems. In this way, he simplifies even the most challenging issues, making them simple to comprehend for all students. He possesses all of the best qualities of a teacher and is incredibly patient, which is one of the reasons why everyone thinks he’s the best. He spends a great deal of time and effort making sure you fully understand every doubt or question he addresses.

He has a strong command of the English language as well, and unlike the majority of educators who place more emphasis on memorizing complex equations and writing formulas, and theorems, he places more emphasis on logical reasoning. He makes sure that we adhere to these values as well because he is very disciplined. He always arrives on time because he appreciates the value of time. Many of these admirable qualities that he possesses are highly valued and commended by students.

He gets students ready for the Math competitions so they can gain confidence and do well in a challenging environment. Many students who studied under his direction have received awards in these competitions, and even I have achieved a handful of awards. He is a valuable asset to our school and we are fortunate to have him because he has significantly improved both the academic and co-curricular aspects of our school’s overall reputation.

He constantly gives each student the same amount of attention and asks them to be honest with him. He gives the weaker students extra attention. When a student struggles to understand a question or an equation, he makes an extra effort to help him and never loses patience. He is devoted to ensuring that we comprehend each concept with the utmost clarity, which is why he is so well-liked by all of the students.

The fact that Sir Arshad keeps tabs on every student in the class, including how they are doing or what they are good at, is one of my favorite things about him. He constantly monitors each student in the class, offers advice on how to get better, and supports them as they learn. He is one of the best teachers at our school and constantly inspires and mentors his charges in all areas of life. He is renowned for not exhibiting the slightest favoritism. He shows equal affection and love to all of his students and genuinely cares about each of us.

He covers each topic in detail and gives his full attention in class. He would be the first one to notice if even a single student loses track or starts dozing off. He would just suggest an alternative method or a simpler explanation instead of blaming the student for not paying enough attention to the class. He never assigns us too much homework, and after class, he provides us with regular assignments to assess our understanding of a particular topic.

Another best thing about him is his participation with the students both inside and outside the class. For example, on our sports day, he was forcefully added to the cricket and football teams. He awkwardly confessed, before the cricket match that he cannot play well. Which was true because he didn’t play well at all but he stayed on the ground doing his best (which was not much), during the football match our best players stayed around him all the time to make sure he was not humiliated in front of the school children, and in cricket, he took a position at the covers and fielded his heart out, taking 2 incredible catches. Later, he told the team that he wanted to stay in bed and not attend the sports day at all, but then he decided to come for us.

That day he unknowingly gave us the lesson of not backing off from a situation that is not in our hands. These are the qualities that have made him my best teacher in the school. Honestly, who in the world wouldn’t like such an inspiring person?

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