List Of PharmD Pharmacy College And Universities in Lahore

PharmD Pharmacy College in Lahore

  1. Forman Christian College
  2. Akhtar Saeed Medical And Dental College
  3. Khaldunia Institute Of Technology And Applied Sciences College
  4. Lahore College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  5. Lahore Medical & Dental College
  6. Lahore Pharmacy College
  7. Leads College Of Pharmacy
  8. Lords College Of Pharmacy
  9. Rashid Latif College Of Pharmacy
  10. Rashid Latif Medical College
  11. Yashfeen College Of Pharmacy

PharmD Pharmacy Universities in Lahore

  1. Lahore College For Women’s University
  2. University Of Punjab
  3. The University Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences
  4. Green International University
  5. Hajvery University
  6. Lahore Leads University
  7. Minhaj University
  8. The Superior University
  9. The University Of Lahore ( Main Campus )
  10. University Of Central Punjab
  11. University Of Management And Technology
  12. University Of South Asia
  13. Comsats University Islamabad( Lahore Campus )
  14. Riphah International University Lahore
  15. Gulab Devi Educational Complex
  16. Lahore Institute Of Professional Studies
  17. Gulab Devi Post Graduate Medical Institute
  18. Johar Institute Of Professional Studies
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