What is Intermediate Education?

Intermediate is the first step toward career-oriented education. Generally, students take primary and secondary education less seriously but when they get to the intermediate level (college), it is time to take things a lot seriously because this is where careers can be constructed on solid ground.

Intermediate education is important for the development of students in different fields of study. It offers the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills relevant to the educational level that follows after secondary school. Intermediate education provides a smooth transition from secondary school to university, or from vocational training or a specific middle school course to post-secondary study. Ninis tutor academy is a one-window solution for parents who require intermediate home tutors for their children.

The term intermediate education is used by some to refer to the third level of education, between primary and higher education (university level).

An intermediate course may be a certificate or diploma as well. The student may choose to undertake a course to gain skills required for employment or further study, or they may wish to complete an academic program that will eventually lead to a qualification (such as a Bachelor’s degree).

The term ‘intermediate’ indicates that this form of learning requires a certain degree of maturity, independence, and self-reliance on the part of the student. In other words, it requires a measure of general knowledge which enables him/her to understand what he/she reads and learns in his/her course.

Intermediate education is often vocational or technical in nature, though it can also be academic.

The simple answer to the question of ‘what is intermediate education’ is that Intermediate education programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment after high school graduation.

Intermediate education programs usually prepare students for a specific career, typically at an entry-level position. Students may receive this training as a part of their vocational training, or they may be enrolled in a program designed to enhance their general knowledge and skills so that they can pursue higher education later on. In either case, intermediate education programs are typically offered in conjunction with high school graduation and may be considered part of the same process.

Intermediate education describes a different stage/type of learning when compared with either primary or higher education.

Intermediate schools are designed for students to complete their secondary education before moving on to high school or college. Intermediate students learn more than basic skills and knowledge, but they do not need to be as well-rounded as those who go on to complete their secondary education at the high school level.

The type of curriculum that is offered at this stage varies according to the country in which the school has been set up and its educational system. Some countries have a national curriculum that is followed by all schools, while others like Pakistan have a widely segregated education system that consists of provincial boards along with the Cambridge international system of examinations.

Intermediate education may be delivered at the same institutions that deliver primary or higher education, though this is not strictly necessary.

In Pakistan, there are very few institutions that offer primary, secondary, and higher secondary school certification under one roof. Mostly, the intermediate colleges are separate entities working under public and private ownership. The stark difference between these colleges is the fee charged to the students. The public institutions are government subsidized and charge low fees while the private colleges are known to charge exorbitantly.

In conclusion, intermediate education is the foundation of professional education. At this stage, students must not make a choice of subjects based on family or peer pressure because a wrong step here is going to disrupt the career plan (if there is any) and waste several years of educational life.

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