A normal jpg image has a lot of characteristics like high resolution, compact size, etc. but when it comes to making changes to it, their usage is seen as very limited. This is where you convert need adobe illustrator files so that you can do any artwork to them without any trouble. But do you have any any idea that you can convert jog to ai file with a click? Yes, it is possible! 

You may use the jpg to ai converter to instantly turn a rater jpg image file into an adobe illustrator artwork file. Just make a single tap, choose the document, and upload it on the converter. After doing that, hit the convert button to initiate the conversion in no time. You will see that in milliseconds, your AI file will be there in your hands. 

Best jpg to ai Converters:

If your goal comes  up with a lot of vector editing or designing, then the following converters will certainly assist you to convert jpg to ai images online:

The online converter:

The brand is full of advanced converters that make your conversions streamline and fast enough than any other converter. Its best jpg to ai converter is one of the powerful tools that does the immediate conversion from jpg images to ai files. 

You can upload files in the following formats rather than just jpg:

  • PNG 
  • JPG 
  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • WEBP 
  • SVG

Also while using the converter, keep in mind that:

  • Single file size must not exceed 5MB. 
  • Also, if you are doing batch conversions, then let it be clear that the cumulative size of files must not increase by 50MB.

Vector Magic:

The primary purpose of Vector Magic is to transform photos to vector formats. Although using the website is completely free, there are a lot of restrictions. The best option if you’re a professional and frequently need to convert your photographs into AI or other vector formats is to get one of the website’s subscription plans. In the paid edition, you won’t experience any ad problems and you can work without any restrictions.


This website has also a great collection of the best converters on it. It has specifically designed the free jpg to ai converter that takes moments to turn images into vector files. After that, you can add to the beauty of the pictures as per your needs which is super simple. 

To use the converter. You need to follow the instruction:

  • Open the tool by typing its name in the search field
  • Choose any method of inputting the image document 
  • Choose output format as AI and tap convert to get your file


Converting jpg to ai file introduces a lot of benefits. And to enjoy these benefits, you need to convert them to vector artwork formats so that changes could be made without trouble. And to pursue accurate and abrupt conversions, you may better use the jpg to ai converter for free.

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