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Scope of International Relations

Studying international relations in Pakistan is a rigorous task. Being one of the most strategic countries in South Asia, Pakistan has played a major role in regional and global politics for decades. It is the issue of foreign policy that makes the scope of studying international relations so important in this country. Pakistan has had a long history of forming alliances with other countries. It has also been a victim of these alliances at different times. The country’s international relations are defined by the rivalry between India and Pakistan, which led to three wars in 1947, 1965, and 1971.

Pakistan’s foreign policy has been shaped by several factors. The country’s geopolitical location, its relations with the US and China, its place in the Muslim world, and its domestic politics have all played an important role in determining Pakistan’s position on global issues. International relation is an important subject for students taking it as a subject of their degree course, Nini’s tutor academy offers online IRR tutors for any student in need of additional help.

Need of studying international relations

International relations are important for Pakistan because, without them, the country will be isolated from the world community. Pakistan has been trying to make its presence felt in the region and beyond but has not been able to achieve much success. It is necessary to study international relations because we need to understand how other countries relate to each other and how they behave towards us.

The scope of international relations can be classified into three broad categories: political, economic, and cultural.

Political relations include diplomatic relations between states as well as their involvement in international organizations such as United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU). Economic relations include trade between states, foreign investment policies, etc.; while cultural relations include people-to-people exchanges, tourism, and migration.

Traditionally, international relations is seen as a branch of political science or public administration; however, in recent times it has expanded to include other disciplines such as economics, sociology, and anthropology among others.

Scope of international relations in Pakistan

It is important for Pakistanis to study international relations because the world is becoming smaller day by day due to rapid advances in technology. As a result of the increase in communication, people from different countries come into contact with each other more often than before which increases their awareness of others’ cultures. Without having good relations with other countries, it would be difficult for us to pursue our interests abroad.

Importance of international relations for Pakistan

The importance of strong international relations for Pakistan cannot be overstated. The country is dependent on the rest of the world for its economic growth and prosperity. The world order is constantly changing, and Pakistan will have to adapt to the new realities. A strong international standing can help us secure our interests better in global forums like the United Nations and other multilateral organizations.

The scope

Pakistan is located at the crossroads of three continents; Europe, Asia, and Africa making it a natural focal point for many powers of the world. The country’s unique location has given it strategic importance throughout its history. This has been used by various powers to their advantage, often by exploiting Pakistan’s internal conflicts or by creating new ones for their own benefit.

The presence of various cultures and tribes in Pakistan makes it an ideal place for studying intercultural relations as well as intergovernmental relations. The country’s political system is also very interesting from an academic point of view because it combines democratic and authoritarian elements into one system which makes it very different from other countries systems of governance.

Civil services

The scope for students of international relations in Pakistan is huge. They can pursue a career in civil or military services, diplomacy, law, business, and media.

Those who want to become diplomats must appear for the Foreign Service exam conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). Candidates who pass this exam are inducted into the Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP). They get posted at different missions abroad as well as at headquarters.

Civil servants working in various ministries and departments have to deal with foreign affairs on a daily basis. The scope of jobs available for them is also huge. They may be required to deal with matters relating to trade policy, agriculture, and commerce; foreign direct investment; industrialization and privatization; human resource development; education; culture and tourism, etc.

Civil services


In the modern world, no country can afford to remain isolated from the rest of the world for any longstanding period of time. Economic and social factors are ever-increasing in their scope and impact. It has become necessary for every state to have some interaction with other countries both for protecting its interests and for promoting its economic growth. This interaction is taking place on a bilateral, multilateral, and global basis. All countries, big or small, have to face this reality and strategize their future economic policies accordingly.

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