Why education is important?

Education is important. This may seem like a silly statement to many of us, but the unfortunate reality is that education really is under attack (in several forms). There are people in our society who believe that investing in our system of public education isn’t worth the effort anymore. It’s easier to allow our schools to fail and for parents to make up for the lack of high-quality education through buying expensive prepackaged curriculum’s, or just hoping their child will be smart enough without any outside help and manage on his own. However, if we allow these points of view to win, it will be a direct detriment to the well-being of our country. We have to invest aggressively in programs that strengthen and improve our public education system. Paying the fee without questioning the quality of the education is a blatant disregard for the success of our children. Ninis tutor academy is a credible home tutor provider in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

The first way we can improve our public schools is by increasing funding for them. It’s no secret that public schools are severely underfunded compared to private ones, and this is a major problem for several reasons:

  1. Students who attend better-funded schools have more opportunities for enrichment activities such as clubs, sports teams, and field trips.
  2. Children from low-income families are less likely to get the same quality education as students from wealthy families because they may not be able to afford after-school programs or tutoring services.
  3. This causes an achievement gap between students of different socioeconomic classes which makes it harder for everyone to succeed in college or in their careers after graduation.

Why education is important?20 reasons why education is important

Following is the compilation of 20 reasons why education is important for our young ones.

  1. Education makes us capable of interpreting things.
  2. The first step in eliminating poverty is to make sure that everyone has access to a quality education.
  3. Education prepares you for life.
  4. Increases resilience and confidence.
  5. Education makes you more responsible, disciplined, and a better citizen.
  6. Education improves your communication skills.
  7. One of the biggest advantages of education is that it helps in our overall personal development.
  8. An education allows you to develop a variety of skills that can be used in the future.
  9. Education plays a key role in the economic development of any country.
  10. To know about your rights
  11. It is only through education that technological advancements in our society are possible which paves way for better standard of living.
  12. Today with the world getting smaller, education has also become an important criterion for all types of jobs.
  13. Education makes us independent financially and emotionally and thus improves our living standards.
  14. With everything in life becoming expensive, it’s essential for one to have the right qualification to land the desired job which can help you earn a decent living and lead a content life.
  15. For a good social status and respect
  16. It makes you independent as you learn how to make decisions
  17. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life.
  18. It helps us build our base and makes us strong in terms of relationships, emotions, and character.
  19. Promotes nationalism.
  20. Contributes towards making the world a better place.

Education has always been a key to the betterment of the life of individuals and society in general. Education is rightly regarded as the key to success because of its ability to unlock many doors and avenues that were earlier closed or not even opened. Continuous learning is important as there is so much more to learn than what we know now.

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