The educational quality of government institutions is widely acknowledged to fall short of international standards. This is not true because, unlike government schools, government colleges in Pakistan have a very good reputation. Government college students are intelligent enough to gain admission to Pakistan’s top universities. Nini’s home tutor academy offers credible home tutors in Islamabad to help students improve their performance. Due to the strain on government resources and the inability of medical institutes to meet the high demand, a number of private medical colleges in Rawalpindi are sharing the burden of producing competitive medical practitioners. For the benefit of the students, online tutors are also available who can’t go to a coaching center or accommodate a home tutor. The following article discusses some of Rawalpindi’s medical colleges.

List Of Medical Colleges In Rawalpindi

  1. Army Medical College
  2. Government Gordon College
  3. Government post graduate Asghar Mall College
  4. Islamic International Medical College (IIMC)
  5. Armed forces post-graduate Medical institute
  6. Watim Medical & Dental College
  7. Margalla College of Dentistry

Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi

Army Medical College

Established in 1977, Army Medical College has recognition by GMC-UK since 1981. The college has 5 male and 2 female hostels on its campus. The college offers both MBBS and BDS programs. Admission is on the basis of a 50% MDCAT score, 50% FSc marks, and entry test.

Government Gordon College

Founded in 1893, Gordon College is one of the oldest colleges in the country. It was a private college since its inception in 1893 but was nationalized in 1972. The college offers FSc Pre Medical and 4-year BS program.

Government post graduate Asghar Mall College

The college started as a high school in the early 1900s and was raised to the status of college after independence. It is among the historical government colleges. The college offers FSc pre-Medical and BS in Botany and Zoology.

Private Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi

Islamic International Medical College (IIMC)

Established in 1996, IIMC is among the pioneer private Medical Colleges in Pakistan. IIMC offers MBBS, MSc Pain Medicine, and diploma in Anesthesiology. Admission is on basis of the total score of SSC, Intermediate, Entry, and aptitude tests.

Armed forces post-graduate Medical institute

It is one of the oldest institutes of the Pakistan Army. It is under the supervision of the Army Medical Corps. AFPGMI is the constituent college of the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS). The college offers a 2-year post RN BSN, and a 4-year generic BSN program in Nursing.

Watim Medical & Dental College

Established in 2015, Watim Medical and Dental College is a relatively new entry into the Medical education horizon. It has recognition by PMC since 2019. Admissions are on the basis of 65% marks in HSSC and 65% score in MDCAT.

Margalla College of Dentistry

Established in 1997, Margalla College of Dentistry is a project of Diverse Services International Pvt Ltd. The College of offers BDS, DPT, and Doctor of Pharmacy. Margalla College has an affiliation with the University of health sciences and recognition by PMDC. Admissions are on the basis of 65% marks in HSSC and 65% score in MDCAT.

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