Food Science and Technology Scope in Pakistan

Food processing is a branch of science that deals with the physical, chemical, biological, and sensory properties of food. Food Science and Technology (FST) is an internationally recognized field that combines food science and technology to create better solutions for global food needs. To improve and develop this field in Pakistan, the FST Association of Pakistan was established at the University of Agriculture in Rawalpindi/Pakistan by a group of National FST companies and organizations in collaboration with Stanford University. Food sciences and technology deal with areas ranging from growth, metabolism, nutrition, food packaging, and processing to the marketing of preserved, processed, and ready-to-eat foods.

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Food science and technology scope

Food science and technology cover a broad range of topics, including the study of microorganisms that cause spoilage, preservation and processing, chemical reactions, the degradation of food in storage, and the properties and structure of individual foods.

The scope of food science includes both product development (process engineering) and product testing (quality control). It is also concerned with ensuring that the food supply meets national safety standards. The application of biological, physical, and chemical principles to all aspects of food production is what distinguishes it from other sciences such as chemistry or agriculture.

Food scientists work in a wide variety of fields such as agriculture, medicine, biotechnology, and nutrition. They may conduct research into how food affects health or may apply their knowledge about food processing to develop new foods or improve existing ones.

Food Science and Technology as a Career

Food scientists are often employed in food manufacturing companies to ensure the consistency of products and the quality of foods. Some may also work in research and development laboratories where they test new food products and develop improved methods of processing and preservation.

Food science is a highly technical field, so it’s important to have a solid understanding of chemistry, biology, and food technology. A bachelor’s degree in food science is usually required for entry-level positions in the field. Advanced degrees are recommended for those who want to work their way up through management positions or become specialists in a particular area such as meat processing or flavor development.

Food technologists are employed in various organizations such as:

  1. Research institutes, universities, and laboratories
  2. Food factories such as meat, oil seed, or dairy plants
  3. Government departments such as agriculture, fisheries, and health departments

Job Opportunities for Food Technology Graduates in Pakistan

Food manufacturing industries: Food processing companies employ food technologists to carry out tasks related to product development, nutrition analysis, product testing, quality control, and regulatory compliance. In addition to these tasks, they also work with marketing teams to develop new products that meet customer needs.

Food manufacturing industries

Research institutes: These institutes employ food technologists to conduct research on new product development as well as on existing products in order to improve their quality or nutritional value.

Research institutesQuality control laboratories: These labs are responsible for ensuring that food products sold in retail outlets or restaurants comply with current legislation regarding safety regulations and nutritional standards. They also perform tests on incoming raw materials so that they meet these requirements before they are incorporated into final products.


The food industry plays a vital role in the total world economy and is growing at a rate of 3.2 percent each year which makes it one of the largest industries in the world. Although Pakistan has not yet expanded its food industry, it has great potential for growth in this area. There are thousands of food products that are imported from all over the world into Pakistan. But these imports come at a great cost to the nation compared to locally produced foods. Pakistan’s local food production is calculated to be at least four times less than household consumption in the country. So, yes we need food scientists to overcome the shortage or at least keep the gap in availability and consumption to a minimum. The food science and technology scope in Pakistan is good enough for the students to get enrolled in the degree classes.

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